Data Girl is a non-profit association founded in 1998. Two female students in Umeå got inspired during a seminar on women's well-being in computer education. As a result, they chose to organize the first conference in Umeå to create an opportunity to get to know other women studying IT-oriented subjects and discuss how to get more women to apply to data related programs. On the first occasion, the conference had about 20 participants from, among others, Stockholm, Linköping, Uppsala and Umeå. Twenty years later, the conference is our biggest event of the year with 120 participants. Read more here on what DataTjej's conference entails.

Today we are more than 2900 members in Sweden. The goal of the association is to create a network between individuals who identify themselves as women or non-binary of all ages and who are studying, working or interested in data / IT. We work to encourage and facilitate contacts especially between students and the business community, and to increase the fellowship among the members of DataTjej. DataTjej won the Womentor Prize 2015 with motivation from the jury that DataTjej makes a big effort to attract more women to the IT industry and to take leading positions there.

"Data Girl is an important platform for the feeling of fellowship among young girls, and its members are all role models well worth highlighting and praising" write IT & Telecom companies in a press release.

Our goals for the financial year 2018 / 2019

Each year, DataTjej sets new milestones in order to achieve the vision of a gender-equal workplace and a more inclusive IT industry. In the future, DataTjej aims to change its name and be an association that promotes all genders and ages interested in data / IT.

We focus on 2018 / 2019:

  • Continue working to change the view of the norms and stereotypes that apply to computer / IT.
  • Seen and heard more.
  • Get more interesting partners in order to get to know the business community in the best possible way.
  • Hold more than 50 events during the year.
  • Expand our network to over 4000 members.
  • Create a clearer membership value.

DataTjej's values:

  • DataTjej should spread confidence and trust among women and non-binary in the industry setting an inspirational example.
  • DataTjej should always listen to and respect the opinions of others and work together for a feeling of togetherness.
  • DataTjej is always open and inclusive against all women and non-binary as well as all kinds of data / IT education.

Read more about DataTjej in our brochure here! Or are you interested in getting involved in DataTjej? Then there is more information here!

DataTjej in the media

If you want to read more about DataTjej, we have been mentioned in ComputerSweden, Ny Teknik, Svenska Dagbladet, Ergo and Metro:


Here you can read DataTjej's regulations.

Meeting minutes

If you would like to read our minutes of the meeting, please contact chairwoman Kerstin Wärn at