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The sun shines over Norrköping where I sit and plug in a cafe. It is in the middle of the final exam period for this year and I have passed 2 exams and a project report but still have 2 exams left to write before the semester is completed properly. As always when it starts to be summer, it is a little extra difficult to focus on that exampla ...

But luckily I have a lot to look forward to when the exam period is over. A large part of this summer I will spend at Linköping University and summer job by helping with a research project and developing new ideas about this. It will be super fun to see how one can use visualization and get an insight into what it is like to do research. This fall I have a whole lot of fun master courses to look forward to when I read advanced programming in C ++, design for computer games and procedural methods for pictures.

This is how excited I am about all the fun I have to do in the future

Otherwise, I will also get more opportunities to inspire programming by joining the board here in Norrköping for the nonprofit CoderDojo, which holds workshops in programming for children between 7 - 17 years (see more about the association here). In addition, I will help as a programming assistant at Linköping University so all in all I do not think there will be any need for me to talk and explain programming!

But something that is ending is my time as a blogger here at DataTjej and I would like to thank you who have read my posts here. Thanks to blogging here, I have really developed how I talk and reflect on programming. I have realized how much it gives back when I myself have a higher self-confidence in the subject and in addition it is further enhanced by the peppering of both friends and acquaintances. It has opened up for discussions, people have started asking me questions about the subject, saying that I inspire them and I have found other people who are passionate about the same thing!

I hope I have been able to inspire someone to explore IT and computer graphics and I want to send a final big peep to everyone, that you can do exactly what you want if you are prepared to work for it!

Dare to test, dare to fight and dare to dream big!

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  • Thank you for your time with Data Girl. Unfortunately, we have not had any contact when we have been changed. I start as President and you as a blogger. It has been valuable to have bloggers on the website and I wish you all the best in the future.

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