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Imagine how fast it goes every year when it becomes spring! I always think it feels like it's winter for so long and then all of a sudden it's time for the final exam period of the year. The days are spent completing labs in Computer Graphics and Data Structures but last weekend I took a break in the plug to go on Game Jam!

A Game Jam is an event where people who are interested in game development gather and create games together. There is usually a large mix of people where there is everything from professional game developers, to young people and students. It is wonderful that this is such a mix for there are people who are there who are more designers and people who are more programmers, which gives a superb knowledge exchange. This Game Jam was a little smaller in Norrköping and it was super fun to spend the whole weekend building games.

Me and my friend Embla went along and chose to collaborate on one of the proposed themes that existed which was "Little Worlds". We chose to do an 2D game that circulates around books and with the opportunity to explore small worlds related to the books we selected. I had the coding responsibility while Embla fixed the design and we had to complete the intro, the world that has doors into the levels and a level. As always when a game is created for a short time, the risk of small bugs is quite high, but there is a playable demo that you should of course get to test!

Sprite made by Embla

Link to the game

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